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Specialists in indigenous, exotic, world-class dance and music stage shows.

Producers of award-winning shows that bring passion to audiences. From Rugby World Cup 2011 spectacles to International Festivals on four continents, Global Fashion weeks, Expos, Olympiads and all of NZ's major arts festivals.


Salon Mika – Adult Cabaret

Burlesque-Haka, tribal erotica mingle amidst electronic-beats. Salon Mika is that rare place where all forms of life, love, lust, and loss are embraced, with stories spoken from the dark side. Sexual passions collide with human failings in fleeting moments that are ‘hard yet soft, gentle yet rough’. Mika, your ringmaster, guides you through musical vignettes, eye-catching noir gems of dubious lustre and deceptive motifs. Come see something beautifully raw.

“The sexiest thing I’ve experienced with my clothes on... Mika's finest work yet” – TheatreReview


Large Scale Shows – Spectacle Events

From the Rugby World Cup and televised entertainment spectaculars, to releasing 200 warriors for a corporate flash mob and drag queens on taking over Air NZ charter flights.

If you desire the brave, the innovative and the courageous - this is us.



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Brand NZ

From X Factor's Demi Lovato to Mariah Carey...

Prince Charles to corporates with conscience. Mika Haka delivers world-class indigenous performances in a unique, authentic and real way.


Taki Maori – Authentic Maori Performance

The Rhythm of New Zealand: Pulse, beat, chant, stamp, and clap at this this POP-UP Haka tribal experience from Auckland, New Zealand. A masterpiece in storytelling, unique and moving, experience the action thrills of Māori arts.

Travel with us on a journey through the South Seas revealing authentic haka (dance), waiata (song), mōteatea (poetry), tu taua (weaponry), whaikōrero (oratory) and much more. For the whole family, get your shoes off, stomp the haka with Taki Māori!