Mika Haka Studio has studio and office space that's not only affordable, but clean and generously sized. Located in Mount Roskill in the heart of Auckland, this little gem can accommodate photoshoots, videoshoots, castings, rehearsals, events, and anything else you need an open, quiet space for. Drop us a line for a quote and more information on booking this fabulous studio.

Our spacious studio space is adjacent to our offices. Perfect for photoshoots, video productions, rehearsals, casting calls, and events. The space is available 24/7, all week, every week. Contact us to book in advance to reserve the date for your project or event. 

W30' L40' H14', a comfortable and neat work space. Can accommodate large shoots and can easily host up to 75 people for events. Full of sun-light (shades when needed).

111B May Road, Mount Roskill, Auckland 1041, New Zealand

Air conditioning, kitchen, bathroom, microwave, mini-fridge, coffee machine, Wi-Fi, mirrored walls, hair and makeup station, office space, and more.